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GreatByteNorth is a website recording a life in the Great White North. It serves a dual purpose of being a journal or digital scrapbook of projects and adventures, and also hopefully being something useful to others. I think that if you don't spend time to reflect on what you've accomplished it is often very difficult to see where you've been and what you've achieved over the years. In this way this website is a gift to future me.

This site is not dedicated to any one particular topic or hobby, as I tend to be a collector of hobbies. However often you'll find posts on electronics, software/programming, woodworking, and sewing, amoungst other things.

The ethos of this site is to keep it simple. I grew up when the world wide web was still young and fondly remember those simple websites with construction banners everywhere. While you won't find the latter, you will find a site that adheres to the KISS principle. To that end, this website is completely static and has no ability to track anything you do.

This website was designed built using modified versions of system.css and bashblog.



email: contact [at] greatbytenorth [dot] ca


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