MTG Level Counter


The MTG level counter was an idea I had of making a simple digital level tracking device that either runs for 1 year on a coin cell, or runs off a small solar cell.  The device was supposed to fit on the front of a custom MTG deck box/organizer, and basically provide an interesting feature to the box.


The device currently has a  PIC micro-controller capable of directly driving and LCD, the LCD, a 5V boost regular and 3 buttons.  The 5V boost regulator is there because of the minimum voltage requirement of the LCD, 3V simply did not provide enough contrast. Finding lower voltage LCD displays is not easy, especially with large digit sizes.

Current Design:

I recently found problem with the 5V boost circuit, there’s no boost. Since I couldn’t get it to start and I didn’t follow the data sheets recommended layout (shame on me) I’ve sent new boards off to get manufactured.  I will update when these problems have been fixed.  The rest of the circuit is tested and works fine.


All the files can be found here.